Glimstedt Latvia attorney-at-law & patent attorney in trademark matters Ilze Bukaldere explains Multimedia trademark introduction in Latvia.

With the entry into force of the Trade Marks Law, a new type of trade mark – a multimedia mark – has been introduced in the field of trade marks. These developments are directly resulting from the revocation of the requirement to display a trademark mark graphically and, at present, applicants can also submit audio and video files for registration of the trade mark. This is due to new challenges to the use and protection of trade marks posed by the increasing presence of us in the digital or virtual world. However, the rules have not changed with these new possibilities – the mark must have distinctive character and be reproduced in such a way as to determine the extent of protection as accurately as possible. Multimedia trademarks and their use certainly have potential and future, especially given that we are more and more acting in the digital environment and the opportunities offered by the Internet for the distribution of goods and services provide new opportunities.

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