Glimstedt is undergoing a change – a new single brand identity will now be used in all countries

Glimstedt Law Firm is undergoing a renewal: the Firm is changing its logo and is going to a single brand identity in all four countries, in which its offices are located. The new noticeable Glimstedt brand identity has been designed to merge tradition and modernity, Art Deco-inspired lines and modern digital environment, also a new dark blue colour and vivid colour tones

Glimstedt in Sweden switched to the new brand identity at the end of 2019. The offices in the Baltic States were planning such renewal in mid-March this year but the plans were suspended because of the coronavirus lockdown. Now when the lockdown restrictions are eased, switching to the single brand identity in all four countries has been finished acting in accordance with the recommendations for the lockdown period.

Our 250 employees collaborate seamlessly across office boundaries and can provide a force with unrivaled competence. Despite the close cooperation between Glimstedt offices in Latvia, Sweden, Lithuania and Estonia, the use of logo has varied between the countries. The identity of new Glimstedt brand unites all offices, reflecting distinctiveness, strength and courage to change.

The new Glimstedt brand identity has been designed by DNAB Advertising Agency in Sweden.